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5 Marketing Hacks that made Naturecan £11m in 2022

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Naturecan – A CBD health business backed by ex-England cricketer Freddie Flintoff made more than £11m in 2022.

Here’s how Naturecan made £11m in one year:

1. A large percentage of its sales came from Asia, the UK, and the US. Multiple markets means less reliance on legislation, and a more diverse pool of customers.

2. They localized their website for 41 countries. That means they’re able to create the elusive “one-to-many” model that helps companies scale. Multiple revenue opportunities, all one inventory source.

3. They transformed their category pages from a simple list of products to mini home pages with FAQs, educational content, embedded videos, calculators, reviews, blog post links, and scientific breakdowns of their products. As far as content focused SEO is concerned, they NAILED it.

4. They used PR to get featured in 2,750 articles across multiple countries.

5. They wrote a metric ton of content the past few years. But the quality was educational and informative. And wasn’t just blog posts.

How Naturecan could expand on their marketing success:

1. Affiliate marketing – I would invest a significant of my 2023 budget into affiliate marketing if I were them. Leverage the awesome reputation your brand has.

2. Spin out the CBD dosage calculator to its own domain and run ads on social platforms like Meta ads and TikTok (meta ads will work as long as it’s not mentioning ingestible CBD products)

3. Get rid of technical debt – SEO is a long game. Their content is on point, but internal linking, and technical issues around cyber security could act as an anchor. Cleaning that up will strap a rocket to their business.

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